New installation of two meteorological mast 81m in Colombia.

Two new wind met mast 81m was installed in Colombia by Alromar in September 2016. The installation of the wind mast was made in one single mission in collaboration with Solute (experts in wind assessment for wind energy projects).Met mast

Alromar was responsible for the supply of all the material, including the two lattice met mast of 81m height, supply of the Thies First Class anemometer, supply of Vector A100LK anemometers, supply of NRG 200PPP wind vanes, NRG barometer and NRG thermometer and barometer. For the acquisition of the data from the meteorological wind mast this time we choose the Data-Logger NRG Symphonie Plus 3, with IPACK as communication module.

To fixation of the meteorological wind mast was made with buried steel plates in both places. After that we proceeded with the assembly of the met mast. The last phase of the mission was the installation of all the meteorological wind sensors, it was necessary the installation of medium intensity obstruction lights due to local authorities requirements.

For the energy supply of the Data-Logger the meteorological wind mast was provided with a 20W solar panel with 70Ah AGM battery, so we can ensure the wind data acquisition  in the worst meteorological conditions.Meteorological met mast

The installation of the two wind met mast in Colombia was executed by our Spanish team, thanks to their huge experience and high efficiency in their works, that allows Alromar to make the full installation in just two weeks,  and that’s why Alromar is able to offer his services at competitive prices all over the world, being the Alromar main office in Madrid, Spain

The most complex part of the installation was the communication part, it was problems with the local communication provider as well with the mail servers, finally after several trials and with the help of the Spanish technicians in Spain, we were able to leave the meteorological wind mast sending mails every day to the mail accounts provided by the client.

After the installation of the wind met mast, each six months we will proceed to the maintenance of the mast, supervising the state of the lattice mast and all the wind sensors, also checking that the battery and the solar panels works in the right way.

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Installation of a new met mast for wind assetment in Ghana

A new guy-wired lattice met mast was installed in Ghana last 2016 February by Alromar Wind. It was three missions in one, executing all the works in collaboration with the French company SolEol (experts in solar and wind projects consultancy as well as in Due Diligences of solar and wind projects), the works were development during one week, for our client in Ghana Eleqtra.

The first part of the mission was the substitution of half of the booms in one of the lattice met mast already installed, for a new Ammonit booms that accomplished the IEC normative. We proceed to the substitution of all the booms with redundant sensors, in this case anemometers Thies First Class, and one boom with a Thies Compact wind vane.

Once finished the works in the 120 lattice met mast, the team travelled to other site where there was installed a 50m NRG tubular mast, which conservation state is really bad, mainly because all the guy wires are deeply corroded, so any maintenance work in a safely with the NRG Tubular mast was impossible.

The adopted solution was the installation of a new guy wire lattice met mast side by side with the NRG tubular mast. Civil works were executed based in the system of steel plates buried, having been executed this entire works with local people. Once finished the civil works, Alromar proceed to the assembly of the 51m lattice met mast supplied by Alromar

In the new met mast has been installed new Thies wind sensors with a new data-logger, in concrete, 3 Thies First Class anemometers with MEASNET calibration, 2 Thies Compact Wind vanes, and an Ammonit Meteo 40 data-logger with satellite communications, also 2 obstruction lights of 10Cd were installed at 25m and 50m. All installation of sensor certified by SolEol team according to IEC normative.

The last part of works consisted in removing the old booms and NRG sensors from the tubular NRG mast, after this Alromar team proceeds to change all the corroded guy wires from the tubular NRG mast and install a new ones. This works will allow removing the tubular mast in a safety way, but this works should be done in a new mission once the sensors of both mast stay getting data for several months at the same time, that will allow to correlate with the historic data from the NRG tubular mast to the new lattice met mast.

We want to thank you the help obtained from SolEol team and from Eleqtra team in Ghana especially from Kobby and Lucius.

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